Dr Doug Lynch is a Critical Care Doctor. He has trained in multiple “specialties”; anaesthetics, emergency, intensive care, aero-medical retrieval, history of art, law, luggage making, public health and remote area medicine. He describes himself as a “Generalist” in the medical world and in most other worlds too.

In each of the areas that he has worked Doug has gravitated towards education. He is the former state-wide education officer for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section). He is a dedicated supporter of and a contributor to the “#FOAMed” movement. FOAMed stands for Free Open Access Medical Education. He has recorded hundreds of educational podcasts and has recently started The Institute of Enquiring Minds with Dr Andrew Jacobs in Melbourne, Australia.

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Twitter @LessBaggage

Doug likes pretty pictures so there is a Pinterest Page;

Most of the Jellybean Podcasts are organised into Playlists at the SoundCloud page below. The Jellybean Podcasts are rather diverse so there are Playlists based on profession (Nurse, Paramedic, Doctor etc), based on medical sub-specialty (Intensive Care, Emergency, Remote etc), based on event (SMACCdub, CICM ASM, dasSMACC etc) and based on other important matters (Jellybean Women, #FOAMed Players, etc). If you have a special interest its worth popping over to SoundCloud.

He also likes to grow his own food and encourages others to do the same via his two vegification blogs;



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